NP-Woodstyle heeft een showroom met keuze uit minimaal 40 verschillende eettafels!

Craft! How is your tree trunk furniture created?

NP-Woodstyle is a young, enterprising family business.

We are vested  in Bant, Flevoland. (the Netherlands)

Wood is our passion.

Our timber trade (DP Houthandel) developed since 2009 in the tree harvesting facility.

Besides the timber trade we also saw a lot of trees ourselves. With us you will mainly find Dutch wood.

In 2016 the idea was created to saw the trees to table tops and sell them to furniture makers and stores. By the start of 2018 we started to create complete tree trunk furniture and we started selling to individuals. (NP-Woodstyle)


When the trees are sawn right now, some of them are sawn at our location. The tree trunk tops are brought to the drying oven for a longer period of time until they are dry enough. When the tree trunk tops are dryed the moment of creating your future furniture is there.


We get the tree trunk table tops from our ‘tree’ stock barn and we sand them. We have both robust and smooth, sleek tree trunk tops in stock.


After they are sanded most of the tree trunk tops go to our workplace to get treated. We use a bettered wood oil which shows the lines and knots of the wood a lot better. Next to this, we also lacquer some of our wood with a solid parquet lacquer. We treat them with a ultra matte, a colorless or a greyed lacquer.


Every untreated tree trunk top can be treated however you wish!


Every tree, but also every tree trunk top is unique.

You will be able to see this in our showroom.


After we treated them the tree trunk tops get to go to our showroom.

This is where you will find a beautifull and unique end product!

We strive to have in stock a minimum of 40 different treated tree trunk tops.


Besides that, we have a large offer in our showroom with treated and untreated tree trunk shelves. Used, for example, for bathroom furniture, wall furniture, wall shelfs, coffeetabels etc.


For all our (as well treated as untreated) wood counts that we can saw the length of it to the size you would like for free.

And ofcourse after we saw the treated wood we will treat it again.

After your tree trunk shelf or table is sawn, you get to take the wood that remains with you, which you could, for example, use for a small wall shelf or sometimes even a coffeetable etc.

Our wood is also unprocessed available. You could finish it off and treat it just the way you like.

And this will ofcourse save on costs.

Besides our tree trunk tops from one piece we also deliver compound tree trunk tops. These are tight glued tree trunk planks with smooth bark edges. These are glued from several pieces of a tree. The benefit of this is that the operation of the wood and the cracks are a lot less because the bad parts of the tree are sawn out of it.


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