NP-Woodstyle heeft een showroom met keuze uit minimaal 40 verschillende eettafels!

NP-Woodstyle has a huge offer of tree trunk planks for your interior. Think about wall shelves, Bathroom furniture, window sills etc.

We can saw all our tree trunk planks to the size you would like.

We have a very large offer which switches daily. We have as well narrow as width tree trunk planks.

We invite you to come and take a look.

With our tree trunk planks/wall shelves we are able to:

- Saw it to the size you wish for free

- Treat it with an oil or laquer

The prices of our tree trunk planks are depending on the size, wood type and treatment. 

Our prices vary widely due to the large differences in tree trunk planks. Every tree trunk plank has its own price.

We have various lengths in stock.

The prices of planks <80 cm width, vary from 80-550 euros.

All planks >80 cm width, are at our place seen as tree trunk tops. 

These prices are starting from 350 euros.

See for those prices also: Our offer of tree trunk tops


Every tree trunk plank/ tree trunk top is different. To find out better what our offer is and what the exact costs will be for a certain tree trunk plank, we recommend you to come and take a look in our showroom.


** We treat our tree trunk tops and tree trunk planks with care and with very high quality products, however it still remains a product of nature. And sometimes nature wants to operate. So a tree trunk plank might operate. With our kiln dried wood the chances are a lot lower compared to fresh wood. Sadly NP-Woodstyle can't guarantee this for you. Mostly the moisture percentage is countable. When your house has a very dry environment the changes that the wood will operate are bigger.